Ryanair has announced an incredible 19 new routes from Malaga airport, bringing the airline’s total to 39 routes out of the Costa del Sol.

The new routes begin this week and go to 15 different countries.

New destinations include Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Venice, Bratislava, and Stockholm.

Ryanair customers can also take advantage of new domestic flights to Santander, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

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  1. When your council get sensible. They played hardball with Ryanair and stopped paying their subsidy, in the belief that Ryanair wouldn´t pull out. Wrong!

    Get a group together to lobby the council to get Ryanair back-a number of people lost their jobs at the airport because of their silly decision, and a lot of pasengers lost a convenient service.

  2. Aaahh but theres the rub Steve (and Monica), Ryanair is still flying in/out of Granada – but only to Bologna and Milan.
    Please don’t ask – it doesn’t make sense to me unless those places are providing some form of subsidy.
    As to his moving to Ciudad Real, even the locals cannot understand why, it has less infrastructure than Granada (which was starting to improve although air-side still pants) and connections with the real world non existant!

    Now perhaps Monarch will come back to Granada after being frightened off by O’Leary’s predatory pricing. Irrespective we do need a carrier that isnt going via Madrid or Barcelona on code share flights.

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