6 Jan, 2011 @ 13:28
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Spain’s Hindu guru charged with sexual abuse

A HINDU sect leader is being prosecuted for abusing his followers for personal, financial and sexual gain.

Guru Antonio Javier R.P., 51, of the Vaidika Partisana Sangha community in Granada was charged with illicit associations and crimes against moral integrity.

At least 22 former disciples have come forward with accusations.

According to the prosecutor, the guru used yoga and massage classes to lure psychologically vulnerable people with ‘coercive persuasion techniques’.

Many sect members went on to become his sexual partners.

“He destroyed my life,” said a victim in his twenties who spent eight years in the sect.

“He kidnaps volunteers and his manipulation is so great that it is practically impossible to penetrate the conscience of a person who is inside,” he added.


  1. “He kidnaps volunteers and his manipulation is so great that it is practically impossible to penetrate the conscience of a person who is inside”

    Groan, how imbecillic. Everyone has free will; you could have just left the sect marte. Kidnap means held against your will. Were you massaged against your will by a guru for eight years? lol

  2. You should not under estimate the power of mind control. A person in that situation can feel as though their free will has been stolen. When victims of mind control break the spell they can feel as though they have been spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes physically raped. It is a terrible thing to experience.

  3. “the spell” Sarah? Like in Harry Potter?

    And I don’t imagine anything feels “as though they have been..physically raped” except being raped so your hysterical comparison only diminishes the terrible trauma rape victims suffer.

    Basically these feeble minded people let a predator take advantage of them because he made them feel “special” and now on discovering how many “special” lackeys he really had they want revenge.

  4. Because of the ignorance and stupidity of some people, and their consequent harsh negative reactions to allegations of abuse, most affected persons never open up and “tell”. I suggest to some ignoramuses here, to read up on coercive persuasion and mind control. Add to it that the disciples think the master is “God in human form”, and you end up with people who do almost anything for him/her. Some of the “victims” wanted to find “God” so badly, and got slowly indoctrinated to believe the Guru was God. It’s an evil mind game, and very intelligent people, very educated people also get lured in.

  5. Elisabeth, if they were “intelligent and very educated people” then they wouldn’t get pulled into this nonsense in the first place. Only the weak-minded get involved in such schemes. If you want to find God, there is this thing called a Church…

    And you’re calling people who comment ignoramuses, lol.

  6. God and chruch Absolute nonsense..
    has someone read In Gods Name by David Yallop you would know the meaning of chruch..
    And this man proclaiming some nonsense is not a guru not from any part of india… he should be seen as a agent.

    May the holy father cleanse these creatures…

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