20 Dec, 2011 @ 11:11
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Junta to regulate thousands of illegal Andalucia properties

ANDALUCIA’S Junta president has announced plans to regulate thousands of homes that have been built illegally over the last few decades.

Speaking in Torrox at the weekend, Jose Antonio Grinan said a decree to legalise many of the properties built on non-buildable land would ‘probably’ be passed on January 10.

“We are talking about legalising thousands and thousands of homes,” he said.

“We must, therefore, be sure that this legalisation does not go against the public interest and is not harmful to the environment or the security of the people.

“Once this is confirmed, the decree will be approved.”

An estimated 11,000 such buildings in the Axarquia will benefit from the decree, as will around the same number in Almeria.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Most of us I’m sure, have been caught up in this and just want to get on with our lives, we had no intension of creating this mess, we were all just misinformed, maybe we were stupid, but really meant no harm.

  2. Jose Antonio Grinans’ statement and views would at the very least seem to contradict and completely disagree with the view of Chiclanas Head of Urbanismo, Andres Nuñez of the PP, who in his wisdom and WITHOUT any consultation with the people of Chiclana – (or anyone from his own party it would appear except Ernesto Marin who is led like a donkey with a carrot) who no doubt voted for the party in last years elections,has summarily ALTERED THE CLASSIFICATIONS of land downwards.eg.that which last week was yellow is now green or white and vice-verca.VAST areas have been changed in this manner and thousands of homes ARE or SOON WILL BE UNDER THE THREAT OF DEMOLITION!
    NUÑEZ has sent ALL the paperwork relating to the matter to the Junta Andalucia for the EXPRESS APPROVAL of Jose Antonio Grinon without any discussion with his Council colleagues in Chiclana which shows only what a duplicious COWARD he is!
    I trust Sr.Grinon not only dismisses his request but can find a way for Nuñez to be dismissed for it is NOT ONLY ILLEGAL to DOWNGRADE land in this way, this action is AGAINST articles of The Spanish Constitution.

  3. It really is amazing as all these problems started prior to 2002 when all spanish parties knew that their country men and women were engaged in activities throughout the construction industry whether that was construction, solicitors, sales agents, notaries etc etc. They were well aware that officials were turning a blind eye to the fact huge amounts of land was being built on without the necessary paperwork and yet the councils accepted taxes from the sellers and buyers but what now? They refuse to sort it out each blaming the other saying their hands are tied. I would like to know what J Grinan means by:

    “We must, therefore, be sure that this legalisation does not go against the public interest and is not harmful to the environment or the security of the people.

    They are basically holding non Spanish home owners against their will and we know of quite a few who have died whilst waiting for their properties to be legalised it has taken so long.
    I really do think that the majority of the Spanish government are stupid. Can they not see what damage they are doing to their economy? nobody has any confidence anymore to invest in Spain and probably won’t for another 25+ years more.

  4. Re: Victims of governmental incompetence and Corruption.

    Which Government agency is now dealing with compensation payments where mayors/town halls have issued illegal licences to thousands of bona fide Spanish and foreign buyers?
    Fiscals de Anticorrupcion?

    Does the agency have an estimate of how much Spain will have to pay those whose trust has been abused?

    How many officials and private representatives does the agency reckon will have to be prosecuted/sacked for their part in these scams or incompetences? Only a timely resolution will begin to restore confidence in Spain.

  5. I note with great interest the deafening silence from ‘The Olive Press’ regarding my above e-mail.I thought that it was known for its’ ‘INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM’ and would go to Chiclana if it doubted what I said to be true? I tell them now though, they will NOT get the truth from Nuñez,Urbanismo or PSOE who backed them to the hilt in passing this illegal legislation? Chifra claim to speak for “British Interests” but not only do they have less than 300 members they ONLY represent their British members NOT OTHER BRITS? Any Brit who is NOT a member can take a jump and care for themself!

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