A 35-year-old man has finally been arrested for five bank robberies.

The cunning thief used several different methods to hide his identity and confuse police, including a fake tattoo and false numberplate.

His first robbery was in June 2011, and he is thought to have robbed the same branch four times.

He used a 9mm gun to intimidate staff at the banks in Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria.

After an “arduous investigation”, the officers finally identified the robber and raided his home in Manilva, where they found 36,000 euros in cash, the gun and costumes he used in the robberies.

Updated: 06:45 – 8 January 2012


  1. He’s been getting away with it because he used a time machine. “His first robbery was in June 2012” ??? Plus of course, the high cunning of false number plates and fake tattoos. Carlos The Jackal has nothing on this guy.

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