29 Feb, 2012 @ 12:12
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Too much vitamin D in Mercadona dog food causes pet deaths

By Wendy Williams

PET owners are demanding compensation after test results confirmed a link between Mercadona’s own brand dog food and kidney failure.

Tests have shown the new packets of Compy wet dog food contain too much vitamin D due to ‘human error’.

The manufacturer confirmed the results last night and issued a public apology.

It comes after several dogs around the country had to be put down after eating the food.

“According to veterinarian reports this vitamin D increase could cause urine problems although only in cases where the pet has had a high dose or persistent quantities,” explained Miguel Fernandez, a spokesman for manufacturer Tunaliment which belongs to Escuris.

“Tunaliment wants to thank the consumers who alerted it to this incident for their collaboration, which enabed the company to give a quick and effective response.

“Furthermore, Tunaliment is sorry for the inconvenience this problem has caused and wants to apologise publicly to all the clients whose pets may have been affected.”

He added: “Tunaliment also wants to highlight that other Compy products maintain the same quality they have always had.

“There is only more Vitamin D in the products in the new cartons. It is impossible that the old packets have the same problem as everything is the same as before, but anyone who is concerned should call the helpline and we will be able to offer a more detailed explanation.”

The product was taken off the shelves in 190 stores in Albacete, Alicante, Murcia and North Almeria last week and clients are being offered a full refund.

But many pet owners still believe the problem is more widespread, and that further explanation is needed.

“We need to be sure there is nothing wrong with their other foods, because many people are coming forward from other areas such as the Costa del Sol, where we are led to believe the poisonous product was not on sale,” said John Beachcomber, who launched a Facebook page to warn owners after his friend’s beloved Labrador-cross Goldie had to be put on a drip for five hours a day.

He added: “It was ‘human error’ that caused the high vitamin D levels.

“And there is now the question of compensation!”

This is something that has been echoed by dog owners around Spain.

“They offered a refund of the five packs I have left but what about the vet bills, the fact I may loose my little boy and the amount spent every week since they changed the food?” questioned Steve King.

Meanwhile Dee Murray, who had to put down her German shepherd Aly (pictured) after she became ill from eating Mercadona dog food, wants to know how it was allowed to go on sale in the first place.

“We have just had to put our beloved Aly down after she fell ill in early December.

“It was one of the worse days of my life to have to make that decision. We had her since she was five weeks old.

“I am so angry that it was more than likely the dog food from Mercadona that ended her life and that I put her through all that pain by buying it and feeding her it.

“I am so annoyed that I had to find this out after loosing Aly, when if Mercadona had done or said something earlier she may still be alive.”

For more information, contact Tunaliment on the 24-hour phone line 619113976 or email [email protected].

Wendy Williams

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  1. I made the comment yesterday that this food was being sold in one of the La Linea branches up to the day before yesterday. I’ll be going in tomorrow to check if it is still there

  2. This doesn’t explain our cats’ behaviour. We have 2 cats who can be a bit fussy over their food at times and we also feed a stray cat. All 3 absolutely refuse to eat the food from the new cartons. Normally the stray will eat anything – she is just grateful for food. Why is this?

  3. What is this company’s testing protocol? Why were they not able to detect the excess vitamin D before the food was put on store shelves? For those who have either lost pets or have sick pets, I suggest if you still have any of the food, that you keep it because you may have to test it to prove your pet was sick from the food in order to get compensation. We go through this in the U.S. with pet food companies. Also, has this company put out bulletins in as many places that they can, including their website and Twitter and Facebook to notify anyone using that food to stop feeding it immediuately? Fine they have pulled it from store shelves but what about the people that still have the food in their homes and may not know about this problem? Somehow you all need to get word out to as many places and people as possible.

  4. So, a pet food manufacturer is so concerned with animal health that they fortify their product with vitamin D.?
    Does anybody believe this load of vitamin B.S.? Oh well, at least Tulaminent is “sorry for the inconvenience caused”. Guess that’s all right then…

  5. Dont buy cheap dog food! The old saying : “pay peanuts get monkeys” goes for this; you get what you pay for. There are good commercial dog foods available eg Acana and Orijen you can save money by buying large quantities on the internet eg “www.tiandanimal.es” or “www.zooplus.es” Alternatively feed your dog raw meat -chicken-fish its all good natural food. We are what we eat and so are our dogs so if we fill them with cheap rubbish this is what can happen.

  6. i shop in mercadona in los alcazares spain
    i have used the tin chicken and rice for four years, no problem, started the packets 8 weeks ago, becouse they took the tins of shelves, my two dogs started drinking alot soon started wetting there bedding, it was worse for the femal, took them to vets, he said to much salt in food he thinks, change food, my other friend has now paid out 200 euros on vets bill, i am lucky so fare only 35erous, the male dog is alot better in three days of changing the food, the femal is still wetting and drinking alot, we have to go back to the vet, next week if dosnt change

  7. Its not uncommon for pet food manufacturers to add vitamin D to pet food, but the problem lies with how much they put in and are they testing their food and their practices to ensure safe amounts are added. I agree, I know John Beachcomber had said he feels the company is responding well however a company that says its an “inconvenience” when a person’s pet is killed or gets sick because of their food doesnt get it. It spells unwillingness to accept responsiblity for their product, and a failure to recognize that most people think of their pets as family.

  8. I am so angry, my little dog has been so ill, we changed from the cans to the packets just after Christmas, well we did not have a choice. Kelby started drinking the whole bowl of water we put down for him, after a few days we noticed his behavior had changed, he would wake us a two or three in the morning looking for water, then he needed to go out, living on the second floor, its was a bit of a pain, but, we did it, we would leave him for a few hours and the whole appartment would be covered in pee as he must have been busting and could not hold his wee, we took him to the vets for urine test, the vet could not understand what was wrong, after three weeks he would not touch the food, we changed to a different food, but the problems game to a head, he was so ill we had full blood test done on him, still the vet could not understand what was going on, she knew he has been poisoned by some thing, in the end he had to have human doses of antibiotics. i have phoned the company to tell them they will pay all my bills and want compensation, it sounded like they would honor this as i was told they are covered by insurance. MT

  9. My dog Clyde has been effected by this dog food from mercadona, he started drinking lots and lots of water but thought nothing of it at first but then started going off his dinner so we knew there was something wrong with him, we took him to our vets last week who said it looks like kidney failure, took bloods and gave him tablets and injections, we then got a call from the vets who alerted us to the complaints about this dog food and stopped giving him it imediatley.im just so glad we caught it in time.but is this company responsible going to pay my vets bill and the special renal diet dog food i now have to buy as its not cheap???

  10. Susanne, if anyone has paid attention, the so-called high quality pet food also have had issues. Not to say people shouldnt try to feed good food but its a falsehood to believe that more expensive pet food doesnt have recalls or its share of problems. There have been many. You cite Orijen as a better food? I dont suppose the people who had cats killed from that food in Australia would agree with you that its a better food. My advice to anyone is to research whatever food you use to see what their past problems have been.

  11. The claim form above indicates for people to return the food, I would suggest keeping at least one container of it, in case they refuse your claim and you need to test it for proof.

  12. Have any of you thought of feeding your pets what they are naturally supposed to eat? That is, raw meat. You may not have realised but domestic pets are now suffering from human diseases eg. diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, arthritis. All caused by cooked food. When did you ever see a wild animal cook its food?

  13. I would say they should check with their vets before feeding raw food right now due to their compromised immune systems and potential ssues in raw meat. Also, they arent “wild” animals and the meat wild animals eat is less full of anti-biotics, drugs, diseases, bacteria than the meat humans eat nowadays. But my opinion is whatever that person decides to feed is their decision but no matter what your pet eats, it can get sick from it, whether its raw, cooked, canned or dry. I choose to show compassion to those who have sick or deceased pets from this food.

  14. Cats and dogs can detect raised levels of vitamin D. so well that they won’t eat the food? Vitamin D. is measured in micrograms (acid-heads will get this).Pets are good at sniffing stuff out, but not that good. Point is, it’s got to be other than Vit.D.
    John Beachcomber may mean well but, the claim form looks more like a hurdle than a stepping-stone.

  15. I agree, Sam, that any pet with a compromised immune system should be wary about what they feed their pet. I also feel sorry for those whose pets are ill, or worse, from this pet food. However, although domestic cats and dogs are not wild animals neither are they genetically predisposed to cook their food. IT is only humans who have forced this upon them within the last couple of hundred years. Additionally, whether the food is cooked (and comes in a can or packet) or raw, the antibiotics and other drugs are still present so it is a good idea to obtain the raw meat or fish from a reputable source. There is plenty of info on the web about how to feed your pet raw food. By doing so you will be doing your best friend a favour by actually improving its immune system rather than clogging it up with an artificial food source. By the way, humans are animals too and do well health wise by including a large percentage of raw food in their diet. My sincere sympathies to those of you who have lost their pet – it must be absolutely dreadful. xx

  16. Stephanjo, the official company statement says its a high level of Vitamin D that has caused the problem and I doubt if they would lie because there will be independent tests being made I would think. And as for me ‘meaning well’ This is the official claims form and not something I’ve made up, John.
    P.S.I added only the email address at the bottom of the form.

  17. My German Shepherd is drinking excessively and urinating all the time, he has been waking us up 3/4 times a night to go outside and HE HAS THE DRY FOOD IN THE ORANGE BAGS!!! Has anyone else had this problem with the dry stuff, if so email me. Thanks Paul, Calpe.

  18. Sue, it is dreadful to lose a pet, it happened to me as well. Im glad after it being brought to your attention, you posted something showing sympathy to pet owners. Like you said, there is plenty of info out there on raw feeding so if someone chooses to look into it, thats their choice.

  19. Paul, I hope you are able to get some help in figuring out if your food is affected as well. I wonder if it would be possible for you to get the name of the vet that was involved in the testing that found the vitamin D and maybe they could help test your food? Also, there are some labs that will test food for you, and I dont think a vitamin D test costs alot, just something to consider if you cant get help from Comfy. I think if their wet food has excess vit D issues, its possible their dry food would as well especially if it was “human error” like the company said. Maybe the same human error happened with some of their dry food as well.

  20. Beachcomber: I didn’t say you fabricated the claim form, I merely meant it looks just like the sort of scam designed to make people think they are accomplishing something when in fact the whole thing is an exercise in futility. Until a concerned group of pet-owners club together and commission an independent test, all that will be left is the word of the company. Would that be enough for anyone with experience of the Spanish way? I’d be more than happy to eat my words if it does turn out to be an excess of Vit.D. Still have huge doubts on that score though.Too much salt could be the culprit. Which of course is the food manufacturers favourite cut. It adds weight and costs next to nothing. I just hope that pet-owners grief turns to rage and that they have these animal poisoners for breakfast.

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