21 Mar, 2012 @ 11:46
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It serves PSOE right!

ENDEMIC corruption is expected to see the socialists kicked out of the Junta for the first time in history.

According to an explosive new opinion poll over half the population are set to vote against the ruling PSOE party for failing to deal with internal fraud.

In total, 52 per cent of those questioned said their vote in regional elections this weekend would be affected by the current ERE retirement scandal.

It comes as the former employment boss was sent to prison to await trial over the 1.35 billion euro scandal.

Francisco Javier Guerrero is said to have overseen a total of 887 illegal payments diverted from regional funds which were intended to help struggling businesses create jobs.

The so-called ‘reptile fund’ which comprised money from the EU and Madrid was used by Junta bosses to pay family and friends.

In the most public case, as reported in the Olive Press in January, the employment boss gave 900,000 euros to his chauffeur to set up two dummy companies.

Neither firm traded seriously, with the majority of the money allegedly being used by the pair to spend on parties and cocaine.

According to Judge Alaya, Guerrero granted the illegal payments ‘in collusion with others.’ She set his bail at an impossible 686 million euros.

The suggestion that the most senior Junta bosses were involved was clearly reflected in the damning El Mundo poll with the majority of voters believing that current PSOE Junta boss Jose Antonio Grinan and his predecessor Manual Chaves are responsible for the fraud.

While the pair have strongly denied their involvement in the case, both would have had easy access to the Junta’s accounts.

Now the socialists are expected to be punished in the polls, winning just over 40 seats with the right wing PP party, under Javier Arenas, getting up to 59.

According to El Mundo an incredible 68 per cent of Andalucians insist that change is needed. This figure is even higher with 72 per cent in El Pais.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Whilst the report above is extremely good and a very true one, the situation for the majority of ‘ordinary’ people will unfortunately remain just the same. PP are the party of the wealthy and their policies are going to break the majority of families with small-earners and they have more than THEIR share of corrupt members to match PSOE, out to line their own pockets.It’s something I just cannot understand here locally in Chiclana? There are 2 MAIN parties, both have been given opportunities to prove there worth, both have failed miserably and both are known to have acted not as they should, yet still the local people vote in the main only for these 2 parties without considering voting for any other party for a change.WHY?? After all,can they be any worse off?

  2. Nothing new in Andalusian politics and elections. In Marbella, Jesus Gil got re-elected too. I think voters here believe that corruption by Gov’t Officials is “typical” so vote for the Party their parents believed represented their “status”.

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