EXCLUSIVE By Eloise Horsfield

HE is famous for jumping off the pitch to lay into an obnoxious footie fan.

Well now Eric Cantona has come along for a bit of classic Spanish bloodletting!

The Frenchman, a former Manchester United player who turned to acting after retiring from the pitch, was spotted dining at the 17th century El Rinconcillo restaurant and bodega in Sevilla yesterday.

“Yes, he was here,” said a restaurant employee.

“He came in at midday. He was probably here for a bullfight – that’s what he usually comes for.”

“He looked very scruffy,” said another source. “Not what you expect from a Frenchman!”

And while rumour has it the 45-year-old is staying at the five-star EME Catedral Hotel, staff there were unable to confirm or deny this.

“I’m not allowed to say anything as we have to respect the privacy of our clients,” said a receptionist.

Cantona will be back in Andalucia in the autumn to discuss his role as an Interpol agent in new Costa gangster movie Shill, also starring another British footballer-turned-actor, Vinnie Jones.


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