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Animal charity pleads for help to save 38 dogs from being put down

dogs could now be put down after owners evicted from home

By Wendy Williams

AN animal charity is racing against time to save nearly 40 dogs that face being put down after being found in squalid conditions.

Animal rescuers were left horrified after finding 38 dogs – including pregnant females – living alongside the rotting corpses of eight dogs that had died up to two months earlier.

The dogs, many of which had never been outside, were found after Priego de Cordoba Town Hall ordered the eviction of tenants from a house after the owner complained about rubbish on the property.

The town hall is legally obliged to keep these dogs for 10 days, after which they will be put down if they are not re-housed.

Now local animal charity Mascotas de Priego is asking people to help save the dogs by donating money or offering them a home.

“The situation requires urgent attention,” said Irish expat Graham Beirne, 46, who volunteers at the charity.

“What was found in the house is beyond comprehension.

“Eight of the dogs had been dead for up to two months. They were found in an advanced state of decomposition, covered in flies and worms, in the living space of the other dogs.

“As they have not had much human contact, the dogs were very scared, and it took four hours to collect them all, through the unbearable stench of faeces and urine.

“All are malnourished and the majority have skin problems having lived in an overcrowded, insect-ridden, disease-ridden environment for so long,” he added.

“The association is desperate for help in the form of funding, adoption or foster homes.

“I appreciate that people have many other things to worry about at the moment, but if anyone can help in any way, it would make a huge difference.

“It would save their lives.”

If anyone can help contact Mascotas de Priego through their website: www.mascotasdepriego.org

Wendy Williams

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  1. Put them to sleep. There are already too many strays around here. All the animal charities do is increase the number of strays on the streets, which make a mess, attack other pets, and children, and are a total menace.

  2. I run my own dog training classes and many of those that come along have taken rescue dogs and given them a 2nd chance. These animals don’t ask to become strays, it is humans that make them so. How Andy can say that the animal charities increase the number of strays on the street is incomprehensible, as THEY are the ones taking them in and giving them food and shelter. I presume he also disagrees with dogs in general, as even those who ARE someones pets can make a mess, attack other dogs and children and be a menace if they are not given the basic lessons in socialisation and general obedience that all dogs should be given to be an acceptable part of any community and my job as a trainer is to help and advise on how to best to get this!

  3. Andy : It’s irresponsible humans who are to blame for strays by dumping them. It’s up to responsible humans to help them. Not struck on your “Final Solution” though. Perhaps we could think in terms of neutering before any re-homing. It would be cheaper in the long run for the state to subsidise that process for all willing pet-owners. (As they used to do with rabies shots) It’s true, strays, especially hungry ones, are a menace. but the real menace are their previous owners.

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