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Natural remedies for an upset tummy

herbal remedies for upset stomach

By Sue Rodgers

WE have all experienced at some time or another that slightly nauseous or dodgy tummy feeling that can spoil a holiday.

And with so many of us travelling during the summer, changes in diet, water and general routine can have a negative impact on our digestive system.

But there are a number of readily available herbal remedies for such occasions.

A handful of dried blackberry root simmered in water until brownish black, cooled then drunk, will help ease the symptoms of mild diarrhoea.

In fact blackberry root was one of the ingredients in the fittingly named Spanish Tummy Mixture by traditional herbal firm Potter that is sadly no longer available.

The dried root is available from most health food shops.

Tannins found in a wide range of foods, berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries, and some nuts including almonds, walnuts and pecans, all have an anti-inflammatory and an astringent effect upon the digestive system.

For fast first aid against diarrhoea make strong black or green tea without milk or sugar and drink three to four cups throughout the day.

Dried blueberries and bilberries, easily found in supermarkets, contain not only tannins but pectin, a soluble fibre that bulks out watery stools and can soothe an irritated gut.

Slowly chew about one or two teaspoons, up to three times day.

Slippery elm, obtained from the inner bark of the slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) discovered by English colonists from North American Indians, is one of the most useful herbs to treat digestive upsets.

It is a smooth slippery substance that coats the lining of the intestines and not only soothes any inflammation but also protects, heals and nourishes the intestine.

Taken as a pill or in powder form it can be bought at most health food shops.

An old favourite, peppermint tea, will also ease and relax the gut after a meal; in fact it has become so popular that many restaurants now offer peppermint tea in place of coffee.

As with all medical conditions, if symptoms persist or are severe, always seek medical advice.

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  1. Ms. Rogers gives sound, scientific advice for this “MOST” uncomfortable malady. Having suffered this several times while traveling, my WORST thought was that this malady would go on FOREVER. I found the CURE for this psychological fear….

    First have at least 3 rashers of streaky bacon with 2 eggs fried in butter, no coffee – drink warm prune juice instead.
    Then you eat a large helping of spaghetti vongoli with extra clams, sauce and some tobasco sauce … for a kick.

    THAT solves your concern the malady will last FOREVER!
    You KNOW you’re going to DIE ANY MINUTE from one end or the other. It’s comforting … & relaxing to know that!!

    We can also provide referrals to Italian restaurants, waste disposal companies, health insurance firms, Funeral parlors,
    cemeteries, luxury villas & apartments for sale (only SOME legal), etc if you are silly enough to inquire.

    Suggestion – THIS Life is not a dress rehearsal.. ENJOY IT!

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