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Marbella Film Festival… The next Cannes?

myra short film marbella film festival

By Gemma Wilson and Dana Ferguson

MARBELLA International Film Festival opened its doors yesterday, set to showcase 65 independently made films from around the world.

Independent filmmakers are gathering to show off their talent at the H10 Andalucia Plaza hotel, competing to win the award for best in their category.

UK film WarHouse, billed as a ‘gripping, brutal, psychological thriller with a supernatural edge’ was one of this year’s first feature films.

The film explores the difficult issues soldiers bring back with them from war.

Lead character A.J. wakes each day trapped in a house by himself, and is forced to fight off the same monster day after day.

The Olive Press caught up with the film’s co-writers and lead actor Matt Ryan outside the Andalucia Plaza last night to discuss the film.

“It’s post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s everything those poor guys bring home with them,” said Benjamin Read, writer and producer of the film.

Director and co-writer Luke Massey added: “That’s what the monster represents, and that’s what the isolation represents in the film. It’s about a soldier who comes home to nothing.”

Having of course seen the movie again and again, none of them attended the film screening Wednesday evening – instead they went across the street to grab a pint!

Read said the WarHouse crew has attended a small number of film festivals so far, including Cannes, and that they hoped to network with investors and other filmmakers during their weekend in Marbella.

“For us we’re from a very small town in the middle of England called Stratford-upon-Avon, there’s not a film industry in Stratford so for us to get out and meet other film makers is a big thing,” Read said.

Festival director Mac Chakaveh said the festival, now in its seventh year, provides a platform for independent filmmakers to promote their films.

“Filmmakers, by their own nature, are artists. That’s why Hollywood studios used to make so much money out of them, because they are artists they don’t think business,” Mac said.

“Our objective is to try and help them along. Not to think business, but to show them the roots,” he added.

The festival provides differing levels of support for filmmakers in various stages of progress. For those who are just starting, they can participate in a 24-hour film challenge with crews competing against one another to make a short film in just one day.

For those at more advanced levels, the festival offers support in finding investors – a crucial element in getting a movie to take off.

Caroline Burns Cooke wrote and starred in her own British short film Myra, about Myra Hindley – one of the 1960s Moors murderers.

Cooke said the film was inexpensive to make because she maintained a small crew and did much of the work herself.

“We did it on no money at all, it cost £30,” Cooke said.

Cooke said Myra is ‘quintessentially English’ and she was surprised it was accepted to an international festival.

“It’s sort of the darkest story possible in a way. It is even more difficult to accept a woman who will kill children, than a man. She’s sort of trying to get the audience to in some way sympathise with her,” Cooke said.

Film screenings will continue all weekend with an award ceremony on Sunday night.

‘VIP’ passes are available for spectators interested in going to watch any of the films or go to any of the parties.

The idea really is to make Marbella the home of independent film industry, to make it the next Cannes,” added Chakaveh.

Go to www.marbellafilmfestival.com/es


  1. If Marbella Film Festival is “the next Cannes,” then I’m the next King Kong.

    Seriously, I’ve given better screenings off of my laptop.

    TO ALL FILMMAKERS WHO GET ACCEPTED: all they do is yell at you and otherwise act passive-aggressive. This is a tax write-off excuse for a bunch of Euro-yuppies to playact like they’re the culture industry. If you don’t live nearby (and/or have an inordinate amount of patience), don’t get suckered into their PR hype or their requirement for you to attend.

  2. Another Brilliant 2012 Marbella International Film Festival!! my 2nd year…Films featuring Al Pacino and Elliot Gould..Wonderfull talent from all over the world..My Short Anti War Film (For The Children) was Nominated, Dont listen to the jealous untalented people posting on this site negative comments!! This is a serious Film Festival extreamly well presented and allways worth the trip..Wonderful Hotel..10 out of 10..Highly recommended!! *****

  3. This is nothing but a poor pensioners tea party. Al Pacino and Elliott Gould? No doubt those “new” up and coming guys need the exposure in Marbella NOT! This says it all. Beware of these people passing themselves off as film industry, young film makers especially. Find one film these characters ever “broke” or got cinematic distribution for, they never did, more likely they shattered young kids dreams.

  4. Bona Fide Film Follower.. Did you not get accepted with your film? i suppose not becouse you would not be writing this rubbish!! Whot a stupid put down re MIFF..Its a brilliant film event..

  5. Acceptance is not something Iam seeking, Iam a follwer not a film maker, so an answer to the question I posed would provide some provenance of your overt “sponsorship”. You cannot steal fame by association from Pacino and Gould so name me a single film or its director that acquired credible distribution via your cherished friends?

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