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Hollywood hunk George Clooney buys luxury home in Marbella

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SINGLE ladies in Spain have something to look forward to as George Clooney, Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, is buying a home here.

The famous actor has been visiting Malaga for a number of years and was spotted in the celebrity hotspot of Marbella looking at property shortly before Christmas last year.

Clooney’s publicists have now confirmed the Oceans 11 actor has snapped up a four bedroom mansion in the mountains overlooking Marbella for a cool €4 million.

The impressive home includes five bathrooms, a large living room, billiard room, kitchen, porch and cellar.

Clooney’s friend and fellow actor, Antonio Banderas, also has a villa in the popular town.

It has also been rumoured in the Spanish press that Clooney has plans to invest money into a real estate business near Marbella Club.

Clooney has now sold his previous home in Lake Como, Italy and it is thought he will be moving into the dream Marbella property before his 52nd birthday on May 6.


Frances Leate

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  1. Even more good news for Marbella – Banderas is a great ambassador for Malaga and Marbella. I have more A list celebs looking at Villas later in the month

  2. “Freds probably never been to Marbella”

    Ironically, I have more clients there than you do Chris. Of course, the best thing about Marbella, to me, is when I leave it to go home lol.

    “And that last pathetic comment comes from a guy called Dodgy Rodge hehe that says it all ???”

    In fact, Dodgy Rodge was spot on. Take Mr Banderas. His original property was illegal. Anyway, many people say that Banderas is a “great ambassador” to Marbella. He even said himself that he would not make any complaints about giving back his illegal land to allow the public beach to be reclaimed, because he didn’t want (and I paraphrase) to “give a bad image of Marbella”. What Mr Banderas forgot is that Marbella already had a terrible image, most of which came from the infamous Gil era (which was when he bought the house of course.) Also, what Mr Banderas likes to keep under wraps is that he hired lots of lawyers to appeal the original decision about his illegal house, so he wasn’t immediately generous and uncomplaining when ordered to give back the beach to the locals; he only did that when he lost the appeal. Funny how friendly and generous one becomes when you lose an appeal lol.

    Estate agents eh? Thank goodness the Internet is gradually replacing them.

  3. At least your not hiding behind a “fred” or “dodgy rodge” name chris. Have never met you, hopefully our paths will cross as I have nothing but respect for your hard work and dedication, unlike others you actually are working hard to try and help the economy.
    Just see their jealousy of your success as a form of flattery sir!!!

  4. Thanks Ally, I live and work here in Marbella and there are too many negative people with silly negative thoughts. Marbella is a Great place to live with an average of 320 days of sunshine, great restaurants, great schools and a great life style.

  5. Helping the economy? You mean charging ridiculous percentages to sell houses to ‘celebs’ and make a quick buck for yourself. If you truly want to help the economy why not get a proper job and stop being obsessed with celebs, bling and plush houses?

    Btw, Marbella does not have a monopoly on great restaurants, schools, lifestyle and sunshine. I’ll take the mountain view and village life over thousands of houses stacked all next to each other any day. I’ll let you get back to your important work now Chris lol.

  6. See Fred that’s where you don’t quite grasp how things work. Chris runs a registered proper business, one which pays tax and makes contributions to the state. This in turn, as I pointed out, helps the economy.
    This may seem like a concept that you are unfamiliar with, so I must assume that you work outwith this contribution system…..
    So am I to assume that if these celebs want to spend their money on “Bling” and “plush houses” that no one should facilitate this? What would one suggest?
    I’m guessing your a man of greater things and should such an opportunity arise to make a good wage then of course, you would turn this down, preferring your moral stand point and “values”.

    As for your Village and mountain, I’m sure Chris, unlike yourself, can appreciate and understand your choice, he will even respect that you choose this lifestyle, unlike your fine self he doesn’t feel the need to slate your choices on a public forum.

  7. Ally, why don’t you let Chris speak for himself? Are you his spokesperson or something lol?

    Marbella and Estate Agents – so many tales have been written, so many have come and gone. At least actors like Mr Banderas create things; they have a body of work. Estate agents, well I’m not sure what their purpose is. I could never work in such an uncreative vacuum of boredom, but that’s just me. Never used an estate agent, never will – lots of sellers advertise directly. Why have a middleman?

  8. Hi Fred, nope not a spokesperson for Chris, he is far more qualified and able to comment than I, more I offered support to his statement, not unlike yourself and Dodgy Rodge ( Great name, his parents must be so proud ).

    Mr Banderas, top bloke as he is, it’s a good job he doesn’t live an extravagant life, big house, top penthouse in the marina or anything, else he may be setting his stall out for a public hanging by yourself over his “Bling” and “Plush houses”…

    As for comparing his work to an estate agent, not quite sure where the parallel came from there………….

    Apples for apples and all that….

  9. Fred is just a ‘negative nancy’
    ‘Someone who commonly whines, complains, or looks at the bad side of things.’

    Maybe he’s needed on this site though to wind people up?… then laugh at them…

    Fred says ‘Ironically, I have more clients there than you do..’

    hmmm who is this guy? anyone?

  10. All best letting negative people like poor Freddy get on with his sad life, and as for come and go, i have been a qualified realtor in Los Angeles for 10 yrs where I had to study and pass exams and be qualified, I have been practising in real estate here on the coast for 6 yrs, with a very good reputation, so negative small minded who do not like to see people progress and make money I laugh at. I have seen other comments the guy has made on here about different stories every one of them is negative. The Glass Half empty is not my thoughts im half full guy.

  11. Life’s never been better thanks. Someone has an opinion that someone else dosn’t agree with, so they must have a ‘sad life’. Really Chris, you should have tried harder there; it’s so pathetic a reply that it could only come from someone with the IQ of an estate agent lol.

    I’m not against people making money, I hope you make millions. I want to make money too. I just said that it is my opinion that estate agency is not a proper job. Would you compare it to being a teacher, a nurse, or a doctor for example? I think street cleaners do a far more valuable job than estate agents, but it’s just my opinion, Chris, so don’t get upset.

    You need no qualifications to be an estate agent in Spain, which is why so many people come here and automatically become one lol. No idea how real estate in Los Angeles relates to real estate in Spain; it’s a whole different universe here.

  12. Don’t people just use estate agents because they sort everything out for you? Why even talk about it. Maybe it’s YOU Fred that are just jealous you’re not one. How can one man be so bitter about every single thing, and get a kick out of ‘trying’ to win arguments on here as his priority.

    You know the two words now…

  13. No idea what you mean Chris, but it is revealing that you cannot answer what I put to you. I wish you luck with your venture and hope hoardes of celebs descend upon you lol.

  14. Mr P dont worry, He has not put me off, but I certainly don’t need to justify myself to him who I am or what I do. Marbella is a great place, I love it !

  15. I am not sure if you would say I was charged or the seller missed out on, but the estate agent of one of my properties took a 30% cut for selling it. The old Spanish couple in their 80’s did not know, the solicitor and the estate agent and the dodgy bank all had the share of the 30%. In Spain, many of the estate agents are on the fiddle. I have not dealt with all of them as I am sure you will tell me. Look at the same property on the internet with many estate agents and the fees vary largely. I am sure the estate agents can tell you I am exagerating and it is all good and they are all above board… They should ban large sums of cash being paid out by the banks to their customers to start with then audit all transactions, then jail the above parties that break the law, add the builders in and the tax receipts will go up. You should really be paying to advertise your name and services on here.

  16. There are also some dodgy policemen out there, and judges and politicians, there are doctors that will try and kill you and pharmaceutical companies over charging for medicine. Life is hard and you need to watch out but most of us already know that.

  17. Hi Reap, I appreciate your comment, the biggest problem down here in Marbella is that Real estate agents are not regulated. there needs to be system put in place where a license should be made to operate. there are too many people down here playing at being Estate Agents, without offices, websites etc and im sure not paying into the system. the going rate is 5% commission plus IVA. I am not advertising on here, I just like to see good news posative news about Marbella. we need more good news here not gloom and doom. marbella is slowly getting cleaned up of corruption and also dodgy Estate Agents. please let it continue.

  18. Chris, Fred, Dodgy, Ally…. guys chill ! Marbella it’s just not for everybody…. luckily! we have already enough visitors and immigrants. If everybody liked Marbella the way we do, this would be just unbearable. We are not short on people loving the place, believe me. I’m currently living in Madrid, for few months, and the amount of people that just flip out when I say I’m from Marbella is overwhelming. Anyways, keep safe.

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