THE British Chamber of Commerce will be hoisting a seminar in Mijas this week.

The conference, which will be held at the Ciomijas Hotel in La Cala, is set to cover a wide range of topics which are currently hitting the headlines.

There will be talks on tax laws, money laundering, data protection and more.

Tickets for the seminar, which will be held on June 13 at 6.30pm, are priced at €18 for members and €20 for non members.

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  1. Why are these events not sponsored and therefore free to attend. It is the constant charges for everything that scare the small business in Spain away from joining such Organisations which in turn deprives them of the benefit such informative events can give.
    To a small business person it is not simply the twenty euro charge, it is the staff costs to cover them not being at work plus travel plus, plus plus etc.
    if the seminars were free then many more would attend and trade would improve through better informed business managers / owners.

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