A JET skier shot at by the Guardia Civil told the Olive Press about his terrifying ordeal last night

The incident took place on Sunday at around 7pm when the jet ski was in the Western Bay area.

Dale Villa, 32, revealed the terror of being chased by an armed police cruiser around the Bay of Gibraltar when he spoke exclusively to the Olive Press last night.

The father-of-three revealed how he had been fired at on two separate occasions as he tested his brand new Yamaha Wave Runner with family and friends on Sunday afternoon.

“I was very shaken and furious,” said the delivery driver. “When a huge boat is hurling after you and you hear gunshots it is very scary.

“There were three policemen on the boat and I actually saw one of them with a gun in his hand.

“I was just about to drop my friend off at West Beach when I heard the first shot. I don’t really think we took it seriously or believed it could be a gun, but clearly it was.

“Anyway I jumped back on again and whizzed off before realising the boat was chasing after me and had soon fired three more shots at me.

A video, seen by the Olive Press, shows the Jet Ski being chased by the vessel and shots can clearly be heard.

The Royal Navy confirmed last night that it had challenged the unlawful incursion by Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena.

A spokeman said: “This appears to be a very serious incident and the government has been in close contact already with the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Dale told the Olive Press “I had only just taken my friend’s ten-year-old daughter out for a spin and was about to pick up her grandmother so we were not being threatening or doing anything wrong.

“We were just having a nice family day out.

“Maybe these guys were bored it being a Sunday but I really hope something is going to be done about it, as it is outrageous.”

He added: “I dread the day someone is injured out at sea in our waters because of the Guardia Civil.

“Only ten minutes earlier I had a ten-year-old-girl onboard – can you imagine the trauma she would have suffered if she had been on the jet ski at the time of the incident?

“Can you imagine if she had been injured? What exactly is it going to take for the UK to ensure this doesn’t happen again?”


  1. Didn’t happen according to the Spanish government in a statement today. How much longer is Britain going to sit back and take it on the chin from Rajoy because lets be frank these incidents and obstructions regarding Gibraltar have been on the increase from his first day in office. He however is very silent over the future of the two Spanish enclaves in North Africa.

  2. The guardia civil was way out of its jurisdiction and way out of control!
    The spanish govt has denied the incident but we all know how the twist news.
    Hope the EU deals with them before someone gets hurt due to their fascist attitude!

  3. Certainly looks like the jetskier was just doing his thing, going for a ride on a Sunday afternoon in the area of Western Beach next to the airport landing strip and initially in no fear that they were going to be shot at or else why would he have turned back towards the GC Boat.

  4. Slap on the wrist like always…Does someone need to die for Britain to react? Just because they are men in iniform does not justify the fact that they can shoot at civilians as target practice! Then they say War against Terror… Well doesn’t this terrify your citizens?

  5. Spain always go on about Gib
    but they have Cueta and Mellilla in N Africa
    now they do not seem in a hurry to hand back the territories in N Africa
    The Spanish Character is to see what they can get away with /if you hit them back they back off
    The Uk Govnt needs to hit back

  6. Forget Trafalgar,
    how about the Spanish invading islands that they call the Canaries – where they exterminated the indigenous Guanche and claimed the islands as their own.

    If that’s the example, anyone else could do the same – anyone fancy some islands?

  7. It is a total hypocrisy to think that Gibraltar belongs to Spain because it is joined to the Iberian peninsula BUT Ceuta and Melilla do not belong to Morocco even though they are joined to Morocco and arent even in Europe! They are in Africa!
    the Spanish claim to Gibraltar is pathetic and Medieval.
    Spain should concentrate on her economy and the millions and millions of unemployed and forget her 300 year old fantasy.

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