SPANISH tenor Plácido Domingo has been admitted to hospital with a pulmonary embolism, thought to have been caused by a blood clot in a vein.

Domingo’s publicist says the 72-year-old is expected to make a full recovery but will have to miss at least two performances scheduled for later this month. He was admitted to the hospital Monday in Madrid, Spain.

He will be pulling out of the five Il Postino shows, at Theatre Royal in Madrid, in addition Domingo will also be unable to act as conductor in an open-air concert in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid on July 21.
Theatre Royal sources say the role of early 20th-century Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in Il Postino will be played by Valencian tenor Vicente Ombuena, who has previously fleshed out the same part in México and Santiago de Chile, alternating with Domingo.

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