RICKY Gervais has spoken out against bullfighting after describing it as ‘cruel’.

The star of The Office has joined a campaign calling on the Spanish government to ban bull fights.

Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting has been organised by the Humane Society International.

“Bullfighting is so cruel,” said Gervais.

“I can think of nothing worse than inflicting terrible pain, fear and suffering on a beautiful animal for the sake of amusement.”


  1. The worst of it all is not that in Spain, torture is called “culture” by some brainless, frustrated mono·s, but that “normal” people seem to love it, from a safe distance naturallemente….i would like to see a brave macho mono do his heroic thing with a non-drugged bull, in a free surrounding, should be fun to watch. bravo Ricky Gervais…at least you have balls, thats more then i can say of a torrero..

  2. Well done Ricky about the first thing worthwhile you’ve done in a very long time. I remember you were funny once, before you were really famous. You should have stuck to The Office. On this subject you are not an Idiot Abroad

  3. For those who want to go (just one last time):
    Vera, Almería. Sunday, Sept 22nd at 5.30pm
    Bulls of Torrestrella for Sergio Aguilar, Paco Urena and Caro Gil. Wednesday, 25th Sept at 5.30pm
    Murube bulls for Rejoneador Diego Ventura
    Bulls from Luis Algabarra for ‘El Cordobes’ and ‘El Fandi’
    Abonos (10% discount for both days) on sale at the 3rd age in Vera on 16/17/18th Sept
    Individual tickets on sale there on 19/20/21st Sept 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.
    Also available from the Taquilla at the plaza from 10am on the day.
    Tel for reservations 666 657 687

  4. I know he is a comedian but how much nonsense is it possible to cram into one sentence ? – “I can think of nothing worse than inflicting terrible pain, fear and suffering on a beautiful animal for the sake of amusement.” Nothing worse ? Really ? This is worse than gassing children in Syria, or letting children starve in Ethiopia ? Overstating a case often shows the lack of strength of the original argument.

  5. I am thinking of starting a “Love England, Hate Boxing” campaign. “I can think of nothing worse than watching men trying to inflict brain damage on each other for the sake of amusement . . .” is going to be the slogan. Just send € 5 in a plain envelope to the Olive Press !

  6. This is just about animal cruelty, and Gervais’ message is very clear.
    He loves Spain but hates bullfighting. The reason he does this kind of thing is the actual power he has to reach out to millions of people. Go Ricky!

  7. I do not like bullfighting but I still like less stupid moral lessons of these Europeans, especially these Europeans of the two world wars, the murder of millions of defenseless people and give them lessons of “love animal” to Spain when they have parties where also mistreat and kill animals.
    Disgusting hypocrites.

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