HE was once one of the leading luminaries on the Costa del Sol.

But now former cavalry officer James Hewitt, 55, has moved back to Devon to live with his mum.

The ex-manager of upmarket Polo House in Marbella has taken the decision to return to the UK, following the closure of the eaterie.

The ex-lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, is reportedly now living with his mother Shirley in a two-bedroom flat in a former country house, near Exeter.

Despite being dubbed a ‘love rat’ at home by the UK press, he has chosen to recuperate there, after his health suffered in Spain.

“I think the stress was getting to him down here with the restaurant struggling,” said a source. “He had not been well and needed to rest.

“Once the owners of the restaurant the decided to close and reopen as an upmarket Indian restaurant, Chowka, he knew it was time to go.


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