ICONIC British actress Charlotte Rampling has wowed Spanish theatre critics with a one-woman show.

Essex girl Rampling, 67, performed her show The Night Dances in Pamplona and Bilbao.

Based on the life and poems of Sylia Plath, Rampling was accompanied in the production by French-American cellist Sonia Wieder -Atherton.
Rampling, who was born in Essex in 1946, appeared on stage dressed simply in black and barefoot, with the critics marvelling at the ‘power and intonation’ of her voice.

She delivered poems from Plath’s Ariel collection and her private diaries in both English and French (she speaks the latter fluently, having lived in France married to composer Jean Michel Jarre).

Now 67, Rampling first came to the public’s attention in the controversial film The Night Porter in 1974. She starred in the Duchess alongside Keira Knightly and in The Verdict alongside Paul Newman.

Since then she has appeared in over 80 films with directors such as Woody Allen and Lars Von Trier.

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