13 Jun, 2014 @ 11:12
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Xavi: We’ll live and die playing the ‘Spanish way’


AS Spain and Holland prepare for their World Cup clash this evening, influential midfielder Xavi has declared La Roja will never abandon the ‘tika taka’ style they have epitomised over the last six years.

“We’ll live or die by our style of play,” he defiantly said.

The match, a repeat of the 2010 final, is arguably the most mouthwatering of the entire group stages.

“ They have very fast attackers, so they’re very good at the counterattack, but also strong in defence,” added the Barcelona play-maker.

“But we have our own style of play. We’ve been playing that way for many years and we’ll try to impose our style on them. 

“Our style of play is very clear. We want to dominate the game; keep possession. We’ve had this style for many years and had a great many successes, so I think it would be a mistake to change it. 

“All of our players have adapted to it by now. We’re going to win or die with this style of play. We want to make history again with this style of play.”

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Meanwhile, Netherlands boss Louis Van Gaal – soon to be take over at Manchester United – has launched a charm offensive on tonight’s opponents.

“Spanish football may well be the best football in the world at the moment,” he said.

“They have the tactics, the technique and the physical workrate to make them number one, and that’s what they are.

“We will have to play a compact game against them when they have possession, and that won’t be easy.”

Tom Powell

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  1. Fred, You know well that I am not disputing that fact, but complaining about your typical, sneering, snide rejoicing in the result. Why don’t you go back to Blighty, or whatever dump you came from, as you clearly do not belong in Spain. You would give anyone the dry boak !

  2. Just a certain type of stereotype from there that I hate. You never pass up a chance to slag-off Spain with your charming remarks and this latest was typical Schadenfreude from a small-minded guy with an inversely proportional mouth.

  3. Is it me, or is it just Fred that “lol’s” at his attempt at humour?

    Rarely have I witnessed such a dour individual who seems to take endless pleasure from sniping, moaning and making snide comments with the seemingly sole intent of provoking a reaction from others who tire of his annoying, witless and often inane comments.

    Still, as long as he his happy, laughing at his own comments, satisfying his own existence with how clever he is. He may never realise how many others actually feel pity for him.

  4. Bill, you keep using Scottish colloquial terms therefore you must have a connection to the place, or do you just insert random Scottish phrases in your rants? lol what a dobber.

  5. Fred, You got me with a good one there. Your immense wit and profound knowledge has certainly humbled me! I bow to your superior knowledge in all matters. You are a true master among men, an intellect of the highest order. I am in awe of you at every level possible.

  6. Fred, How about your inserting random pieces of intelligence in your posts ! Of course I am Scots. My question was as to where I referred to my love of Scotland. You must try harder – on second thoughts, don’t bother. You are right about one thing though – there are far more important things in life than kicking a little ball around, and conducting a conversation with your ilk.

  7. Bill, so you don’t love Scotland then? I don’t believe you, but please correct me. I have yet to meet someone who truly hates their birth country, perhaps this will be a first? I expect you’ll leave the conversation now lol.

  8. Fred, You are an idiot ! I neither claimed nor denied that I loved Scotland. That is my business and completely irrelevant to our friendly, wee discussion. Once more, however, you are correct in that I tire of having a conversation with a troll. Trolling and lolling, that’s your style, sad little person. Here’s to the next time I feel inclined to react to your inane posts- can’t be long !

  9. Fred. You are correct I am profoundly sorry. For you that is, and I imagine many other posters on this site share this feeling. I consider it with great regret that society does not do enough to provide the necessary support for such sorry individuals as you and leaves them to fester in their own miserable and presumably (by your actions) lonely existence. Leaving sad and contrary people like you with no other outlet other than blogs, where you have to troll unknown persons for a desperate form of personal contact and companionship is an indictment upon society as a whole for letting you down and not providing the help that you undoubtedly warrant in your time of need. Rather that pollute these blogs with your personal form of obnoxiousness, if you ever need a friendly voice to talk to I hear the Samaritans are very good, and in your case I think they will also have the necessary patience. Although you may need to wind down your usual level of malevolence. With Kind regards.

  10. @El Cordobez, that was hilarious and gave me a good laugh this morning. Projecting made-up scenarios on to people is a common method of personal attack, but fortunately not rooted in any truth. No one is forcing you to read or respond to me and it is easy to see from the posts above who first posted personal insults. Do you know Bill personally btw? Good try lol.

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