THE PP has scooped the top spot in the latest opinion poll, showing its strongest result in recent months.

The PSOE came second, closely followed by anti-corruption party Podemos.

Of those asked, 28.6% said they would vote for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s PP party, still a dramatic fall from the 44.6% with which it won the 2011 elections.

Around a fifth of those who voted for the PP in 2011 would abstain in this year’s elections, according to the poll.

Meanwhile the PSOE would take 23.4% of the vote, down from 28.8% in 2011, and Podemos – which has come top in a number of recent opinion polls – would come third with 23.2%.

The survey was carried out by pollsters NC Report, interviewing 1,600 Spaniards from December 9 to December 30.


  1. Yes, it smells fishy but in spite of everything the PP still – incredibly – enjoys broad support across Spain. When looked at from a certain perspective it has been extremely successful in achieving what it set out to do. Essentially, distribute income from the working and middle classes to the wealthy. Spain has achieved the greatest income gap between rich and poor in the developed world and has done it in less than four years. The draconian gag law is the icing on the cake. It promises law and order to the ruling oligarchy just in case folk get uppity and protest. And it’s rooted in the fascist heart of the country. Unfortunately this appeals to millions of regular Spaniards who have tacitly supported a rigid class system for centuries. I for one won’t be counting on much change in the next election.

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