guardia-civil-traficoSUBMITTING a denuncia in Spain is about to get a whole lot easier.

The Guardia Civil is launching its ‘eDenuncia’ virtual service for citizens to submit police reports online.

The new service is mainly designed for reporting burglaries, damage to property and other ‘non-emergency’ incidents.

Within three days of submitting an eDenuncia, the complainant will be assigned to a Guardia Civil station where he/ she will need to confirm the report in person.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil said: “The system is designed to save the Guardia Civil and the citizens time.

“Citizens who use the new service will have priority over other citizens once they have confirmed their report.”

“Therefore unnecessary delays will be avoided.”

Certain crimes cannot be reported, including acts of physical violence or crimes where the accused is known.

To access the service visit:


  1. This must be a bit lost in translation because “citizens who use the new service will have priority over other citizens once they have confirmed their report” makes no sense. How can a denuncia made online and then confirmed in person take priority over a person who makes a denuncia in person to begin with? eDenuncia doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either, because you still have to go in person to the police station in any event.

    What Spain needs is a proper online small claims procedure, like the UK has, which are very useful and effective for certain types of legal proceedings e.g. non payment of goods and services etc.

  2. Hit the nail on the head with your 2nd para Fred, and, they need to speed up this ridiculous 5 year wait to get matters to Court which has enabled scammers and crooks to clear off unpunished to ply their trades elsewhere.

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