The accused covers her face after arrest in 2014
The accused covers her face after arrest in 2014

A 60-year-old woman is facing life behind bars after being charged for the brutal murder of a pensioner in Rincon de la Victoria.

The unidentified woman is to face trial on June 1, where she stands accused of stabbing and slitting the throat of 70-year-old Dolores Ruiz in broad daylight in December 2013.

The murder happened on La Cala del Moral’s promenade and is believed to have taken place following an argument over a €4,000 debt owed for jewellery.

The accused – described as blonde and of average height – allegedly stole her victim’s handbag and jewellery, including a €2,500 gold watch, before fleeing the scene with her hands covering her face.

The pair were seen having lunch in a nearby chiringuito just moments before the attack.

Eyewitnesses said the accused chased Ruiz along the promenade with a 20cm kitchen knife.

When she finally caught up with her she stabbed her in the chest several times before slitting her throat and leaving the mother-of-two to bleed to death.

Arrested in February 2014, a trial date has now been set and prosecutors are demanding the woman is sentenced to 21 years in prison as well as paying damages of  €150,000 to the victim’s children.


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