A NUMBER of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies have been accused of aiding one of Russia’s largest criminal groups in Spain.

The chairman of Gazprom, Viktor Zubkov, one of his deputies and two former Russian ministers helped the St Petersburg’s Tambov crime syndicate for over a decade, Madrid prosecutors say.

A 488-page document presented to the courts outlines a decade of investigations linking offshore Russian organised crime to law-enforcement and policy makers in Moscow.

The document connects 27 people, based on thousands of wiretaps, bank transfers and property transactions.

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  1. Think I could go one better then that. In 1960 I was purchasing land, building houses (first plot cost me £1.400) and selling them also at a profit. Hence went into retirement at 55 years old and that was 25 years ago. never need to work since then and still have property in the London area. Are you still working. Da.

    • I retired in my 30’s but I love my work so much that I carry on and business is great, now with three offices in Europe. Not sure if that is one better, but to be honest I am not really interested in being better than anyone, because that is a meaningless concept anyway, of course.

      So I take it that you agree that money makes money?

      What does “Da”mean btw? Are you Russian?

      • As I had said profit makes profit and was just replying to your small brag Fred, which sounds a bit far fetched to me. But I agree 1990’s were a good period in buying and selling house, besides how can one retire at thirty and carry on working unless you actually mean that you found it hard and started working again. I thought when one retired they stopped working just as I did. “Da”, I shall leave that “Da” for you to figure out, or perhaps someone on this forum can explain it to you.
        Please don’t bother answering as you may get accused of babbling as I had been.

        • Profit, money, whatever, mere semantics that are not worth arguing over. People retire for many reasons of course, not just old age like yourself, and of course state retirement and self retirement are two very different things. Each to their own.

  2. The above news article released today in Spain concerns the involvement of Putin with the Russian Mafia. As I have often said, Putin is nothing more than a criminal, dressed up as head of state. Before he ever attained national prominence, Putin was heavily involved with criminal activities and cover-up of corruption in St. Petersburg, and he was rewarded for this by the Kremlin and promoted continuously. Russia is basically run as a gigantic gas corporation as a criminal enterprise owned by a few dozen criminals, chief among them Vladimir Putin and his top cronies, who control over a third of the national wealth. One would think that Barack Obama, with his background in corrupt Chicago politics, would have a clue…but no, he and equally corrupt Hillary Clinton have sold to these mafia a major part of the United States uranium supply.

  3. Blimey Marion you can also count. Not sure of your age but it’s a known fact that the human female species tend to live longer then their counter part due to less pressure of life which may lead to you gaining some future common sense instead of flippant remarks.
    Btw, you never did answer the question I asked you.

    • Caccia was banned from commenting on this site on 3 June 2014 – but made a re-appearance in July 2014 posting as ‘Biddy’. His/her IP address was added to the commenting blacklist. It now appears that the same person is now posting under the username Jacko from a new IP address / so that will be added to the blacklist too.

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