RocioA MICHELIN-starred restaurant is waging a bitter war against a ‘noisy’ Christian brotherhood neighbour.

The owner of popular restaurant Skina, in Marbella, has complained to the town hall about the charitable Rocio Brotherhood’s raucous evening celebrations.

Restaurateur Marcos Granda, 39, claims countless clients have bemoaned the ‘noisy neighbours’ ruining their expensive dinner out.

Marcos Granda

Asturian Granda insists the religious brotherhood often drink in the street until 4am, despite lacking a licence to hold events or serve food.

Granda, whose restaurant was awarded a coverted Michelin star in 2008, even brought in a detective and audio specialists to prove the brotherhood were breaking the law.

“We have always had a good relationship with the brotherhood until nine months ago, when they started expanding and making more noise,” Granda told the Olive Press.

“Customers at a Michelin-starred restaurant should not have to put up with it,” he added.

“I know the brotherhood does good work, but it’s all about showing respect to each other, especially your neighbours.”

However, the brotherhood – which helps underprivileged children with computers, bicycles and trips – are ‘shocked’ by the complaints.

Established for 25 years in Marbella old town, they are surprised at Granda’s ‘sudden change of heart’ after an amicable ten years.  

“We have been neighbours for ten years and have never had a single complaint,” a spokesman said.

“We want to have a good relationship with all our neighbours and hope that we can resolve this amicably.”

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