DUQUESA is more famous for its boats, beaches and bars than for its birds of the feathered variety, so who would have thought a rooftop in Fuente Duquesa could be a twitcher’s dream.

DUQUESA: Honey Buzzard
DUQUESA: Honey Buzzard

That’s exactly what James White from Hereford experienced during his 16-night stay, spotting more than 3,000 birds, including 2,000 birds of prey.

From a resident family of kestrels to more than 1,500 honey buzzards, the skies above Duquesa kept on providing.

Black kites, booted eagles, marsh harriers, ospreys, swallows and swifts kept James company on his rooftop adventure as well as Griffon vultures.

And rare birds such as red rump swallows and bee eaters also gave a colourful display.

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