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Kangen water is the latest health-fad to sweep the world

LeveLuk R Kangen medical device
LeveLuk R Kangen medical device
LeveLuk R Kangen medical device

JAPANESE hospitals pioneered it, Harley Street surgeons make their patients sign a contract to drink it and Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg swears by it.  

Kangen water – or alkaline water – is the latest fad for health-fanatics looking for the next source of wellbeing.

Replacing regular water with ‘live water’ has been linked with preventing everything from being bloated to leukemia.

So when the LeveLuk R Kangen medical device turned up at Olive Press headquarters, it is fair to say I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

But before enjoying a healthy lease on life, I was left stumped (and quite wet) by my attempts to install the device, which resembles an early R2-D2 model.

But just one YouTube video later and I had (somewhat) successfully fixed up the device and was ready to drink my way to better health.

And so for the next four weeks I replaced tap water with Kangen water in a bid to be revitalised.   

The theory is that maintaining a higher bodily PH level is key to better hydration, which leads to improved general health and can even prevent certain diseases.  

While most tap water has a neutral PH level, alkaline water has a PH of up to 9.,5 bringing the body inline with the ‘perfect’ PH level of 7.4.

And while Kangen has its sceptics it also has its champions. Many of Harley Street’s top surgeons encourage their patients to use it in order to speed up recovery times.

Equally, it is the only type of water readily available in Japanese hospitals.

And alkaline water even has its celebrity fans, with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and model Miranda Kerr refusing to go near anything that does not have a high PH level.

And while four weeks was perhaps not long enough for me to feel completely revitalised I did feel slightly perkier. And if nothing else it tasted much better than Sabinillas tap water.  

The LeveLuk R retails at €1,180, or can be bought on hire purchase from €50 a month.

• For more information contact Jacinta Hannon of Global Independent Enagic Distributor on 670628468 or jacinta@kangenrunningwater.com

Rob Horgan

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  1. Drinking from tap water through an electric machine is NOT ‘Live water” it is actually Dead water.
    The hospitals in Japan used machines that kept the water in them for days and weeks so the alkalinity kept up for a few weeks. these machines are a ‘flow through’ systems and water flows through them in seconds, you pay so much for these toxic machine to have alkaline water, but the alkalinity only lasts a day or two, huh. and the so called negative ORP only lasts less than a minute, what a scam.
    There is so much confusion around the world about alkaline water and most of the misleading information comes from these network marketing distributors.
    the plates are toxic and create toxic chemicals everytime you use them which go into your water.
    ALSO, the machines have a crappy basic filter which does not remove the toxic chemicals from tap water, like fluoride.
    Even if you get the fluoride removal attachment, they charge you ridicules amount for a $50 part, and it doesn’t remove more than about 20% of the fluoride however it adds more aluminium into the water, wow!!
    If you want healthy water, drink Natural Alkaline Water that has not had any chemicals added to it and the alkalinity is permanent

  2. Must say I tried drinking this water in the office for about three weeks and felt absolutely no benefit. In fact, it made me feel a bit tired and slightly sick and headachey a lot of the time. Or perhaps that was my boss…

  3. Tom – are you looking for a new job now?

    Mr Truth – I lived for a good part of my life on the southern side of the South Downs in England. It is chalk as is much of that part of Sussex. The water was hard alkaline water very pure because it is filtered naturally by the chalk. Unfortunately this is no longer so and it tastes foul.

    As I mentioned in my first post on this thread – alkalinity is not good for those with arthritis. Indeed I had a conversation with my doctor when I moved to France about how a supposedly arthritic problem with some of my fingers disappeared after about 6 months of using the soft water where I now live. There is now a question mark about the effect of alkaline water and arthritis. In Scotland there was a big problem with rickets, only to do with the acid water.

    Charcoal filters are supposed to be good. A friend of mine had a Singalese mother who said that cold fresh water was no problem there as they used huge clay jars with silver suspended on string within. The silver killed any germs without effecting the taste. A lot of mineral water is actually not good at all and transporting it around the world is pure insanity, not to mentuon the rip-off prices charged and paid by idiots.

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