AFTER urging the Brits to spend their hard-earned holiday in the north of England after the floods, David Cameron has jetted off to Lanzarote.

The PM arrived on the Canary Islands yesterday, giving him ‘time to think’ after his ‘tough week’.

After widespread criticism for George Osborne’s budget, another European terrorist attack and a Cabinet resignation, the Tory leader has been feeling the strain.

But although he is alone, wife Samantha and the kids will join him tomorrow.

But the peace and quiet did not last long – once ensconced in his five star Lanzarote hotel, the PM was spotted by twitter user Alicia Fisher, 18, who photographed him striding across the restaurant with a plate piled high with paella.

Cameron, although paying around €290 pounds per night for his wife and three kids once they arrive, did travel on a budget Ryanair flight to get there.

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