barrabino house
DETERIORATING: Barrabino house

AN uninhabited mansion in Torremolinos has been given the green light to become a contemporary art centre.

For almost 20 years, the house of the wealthy Barrabino family on the Costa del Sol square has been slowly deteriorating, with neighbours lamenting the building as landscape pollution in the newly pedestrianised area.

Torremolinos Town Hall is now trying to buy the property from its owners, while Malaga architect Jose Maria Morente is working on designs for the project.

It began when the president of the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs Torremolinos, Juan Vallejo, called for the site to be turned into a cultural attraction.

Sources say discussions are already taking place with the Barrabinos family, whose home dates from the late nineteenth century.

The Independence Square, the Costa del Sol square and the avenue of the Springs were part of a large estate that belonged to the family before they donated it to Malaga City Council in 1940.

The goal is to create something similar to the contemporary art centre in the old slaughterhouse near Malaga’s Guadalmedina river.

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