Arkitects Sotogrande
Arkitects Sotogrande

IT must be the coolest estate agent on the coast.

Arkitects Sotogrande, better know as ARK, boasts an impressive collection of extravagant-modern homes scattered across the Costa del Sol and beyond.

And with properties on offer in La Zagaleta, San Roque Club and Marbella, ARK caters for clients looking for a life of luxury.

With a multi-disciplinary team of technical architects, boasting more than a decade in the construction sector, ARK specialises in unique design as well as building and town planning.

The company is also committed to developing traditional materials and techniques to capture eye-catching results.

All of its projects are thought out in meticulous detail combining modern state-of-the-art techniques with classic architecture.

And the results speak for themselves.

Using traditional materials such as iron, mortar and copper, ARK’s homes are designed with the landscape in mind.

They may be modern hubs but they perfectly complement the Andalucian backdrop.

For ARK, the landscape and surroundings are also just as important as the actual house itself.

Designed to be enhanced by their surroundings, ARK properties ensure maximum advantage is taken of the Mediterranean sunshine, through lofty windows to provide as much natural light as possible.

But ARK’s homes are not just beautiful on the outside. The company is also closely involved with the interior decoration, creating the home as a whole.

• The company is located in Sotogrande’s Centro Comercial. For more information call 956 793 166 or visit

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