THE alrumboPRODIGY rocked the stage on the last night of the Alrumbo Festival in Costa Ballena – Chipiona.

Though they are very popular in Andalucía, the English band had a tough act to follow after Lori Meyers, a Spanish indie rock pop group and one of the first acts to perform after the sun went down.

By the time The Prodigy went on, the audience was ready to jam and not a single pair of the thousands of feet there could help but dance.

The Prodigy played classic hits like Firestarter and Smack My Bitch Up while mixing in some new tunes.

When the set ended, the audience begged them to come back for an encore with a Viking thunder clap, arms raised above the head in a V-shape, coming together into a single clap (made famous by Iceland at the Euros), increasing in tempo and intensity until becoming thunderous applause.

In the first two days of the festival, bands like Martin Garrix, Julian Marley and the Uprising, Violadores de Verso and Gipsy Kings also took the stage.

The concerts went on well into the early hours of the morning as exhausted concert-goers headed back to their tents at 7am for a few hours of sleep before the trip home.

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  1. i live near the location.For the residents of the área it was a disaster.How the local authority gave permissionn for it in a habited área is a mystery unless of course certain people were paid off as often happens here.I was involved in a least 3 potential fights as idiots parked along our private road,& even tried to park in front of the residents driveways.Vomit,rubbish,faeces,urine everywhere 3 days of throbbing noise,& a total disregard for any enviromental issus or residents rights totally ignored by the chipiona ruling elite.Who pàid for the massive & welcome Guardia Civil presence,& what area´s were left devoid of cover?This will be remembered by the residentsnet election time.

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