GOLDMAN: Conman forced to wear electronic tag
GOLDMAN: Conman forced to wear electronic tag

AN arrest warrant has been issued for notorious Costa del Sol conman Nigel Goldman.

Goldman, 58, who changed his name to Howard del Monte, was summoned to Fuengirola court in January over the defrauding of four expats to the tune of €750,000.

However, he failed to show and a judge has now ordered police to bring him in.

He was found guilty of fraud in the UK last year for the THIRD time and must wear a tag during his 12-month suspended sentence.

Lawyer Antonio Flores, who is representing the victims, said he could face up to a decade in prison, if found guilty.

“It has taken us two years to get to this stage and it is still just the beginning,” he added.

Dozens of expat victims claim to have lost as much as €3 million to Goldman through a series of ponzi-type schemes.

He was first exposed through a series of Olive Press investigations.

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  1. I knew this bloke years back. He was so full of the proverbial… everything he said had an agenda behind it. Tried to make a living playing poker, even gave me a copy of his book about blowing 14 million quid – rubbish. Loved the idea that he was part of the “elite” but clearly wasn’t. Hope they catch up with him soon but I fear it may not be so easy. Very slippery character!

  2. There are a lot of people looking at Goldman very very closely. We are all hoping to see him rot in jail for the rest of his days and this gets it a little bit closer. Be assured we will not rest for one second until he gets what is coming.

    Well done Olive Tree – the sooner this odious little creep is penniless and treated with the contempt he deserves the better. He most certainly will rot in Hell, but rotting in jail first would be a good start.

  3. How is it the Spanish Judge has not issued an International Warrant. The fact is a matter of public record that he is serving a sentence in the UK . Is this information in a foreign language that the Spanish Judge will not recognise? An International Warrant would allow the English SFO to correlate the crimes in both countries, as it is, both jurisdictions only conduct their investigations for their own jurisdiction, which allows this tricky conman to evade the worst of his crimes . I hope this gets sorted before he is given back his passport. mr Gee ( aka Howard del Monte) is doing the same as he tried when he was tracked by Olive Press in Spain, trying to make himself look innocent, we also know what an influence his latest female has , since it was only when she arrived on the scene his tactics changed .

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