A MANimage_63664 was rushed to hospital after a shark attack at a crowded beach on the Costa Blanca on Friday.

According to lifeguards, the 40-year-old Elche resident came out of the sea with a bloody hand after being bitten while swimming.

Red flags were raised at the Arenales del Sol beach in Elche as authorities were forced to ban swimming.

The man was taken to the hospital for stitches for the “serious bite”, according to a spokesman at the DYA ambulance service.

The red flags were kept in place for about two hours until bathers were allowed back in the water.

It is believed that the culprit was a Blue Shark, a species that rarely bite humans.

It is only known to have been involved in 13 biting incidents, four of which ended fatally.

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  1. Actually Jack, what Vincent is saying “15 to 20 million blue sharks are killed annually by the human species”, and to top it all, it’s in their territory. To them and to all forms of sea life any introduction that appears to be a food will be eaten and I have never known sharks attacking the human species on land.

  2. Jack Daww,
    your mentality made sense a few centuries ago but today? It may have escaped your notice but this planet has a problem – one species in particular is breeding itself itself into extinction and wiping out a lot of other species in the process

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