FIVE migrants have been taken to hospital after becoming trapped atop a border fence in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

They were part of a group of around 150 migrants who were attempting to enter Spain from neighbouring Morocco by climbing over the six-meter-high wire fence.

The video shows dozens of stuck migrants sitting on top of the fences which are covered in barbed wire.

They were eventually brought down by a crane before five were taken to hospital for minor injuries and the rest were returned to Morocco.

The UN Refugee Agency – the UNHCR – are now monitoring the situation ‘with care’, and have reminded Spain of their obligation to provide asylum to those in need of protection.

Ceuta and Melilla are Spanish territories that border North Africa, making them popular entry points for migrants attempting to get to Europe.



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    • Well actually stefanjo I think Spain, to a certain extent, is following its international obligation by “throwing these guys back over the fence”. They are illegal immigrants not refugees. I don’t see one female among the young males sitting on the barb wire of a 15 foot high fence, young able men able to climb a fence better than trained army personal.

  1. More theoretical b/s from our resident Aunt Sally. He never has any answers that are related to the real world. The overbreeding must stop by any means available. Let this lot in and they will be followed by millions and millions more and they will still keep producing children.

    Just check out how many children the Somalis,Eritreans, Ethiopians, Nigerians etc. have in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands – they are not going to change of their own free will, that’s the truth.

    A question for Aunt Sally – how many economic migrants is he helping and housing. Of course we already know the answer – none at all

  2. Sefanjo, I never altered anything, I never mentioned “chuck em’ back”, or “throwing these guys back over the fence”, YOU did. I just repeated what you said
    I said,
    “Besides, understand they have been returned to Morocco except for a few taken to hospital for cuts etc and no doubt they will also be shipped out”.
    “Asylum port of entry”, is correct if they were refugees not illegal immigrants.

    • One more time to help your selective memory nose, “It’s up to Spain to accommodate their entry, comes under the international law. Asylum port of entry”
      No qualifications there about refugees or illegal immigrants nose, the back-tracking came later, in a panic.

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