A FREAK flood left people stranded in a Costa del Sol resort.

Flooding in Estepona port
Flooding in Estepona port

Avenida Luis Braille  in Estepona turned into a fast flowing river following torrential rain on Thursday.

Shocked onlookers in the O’Donoghue’s pub were unable to leave while filthy water poured down the street outside.

The levels were so high in some places that water almost came over the top of tyres of parked cars.

Kate Gooding, a Beachgrooves radio presenter, who shot the video, took a light-hearted view of the unexpected weather event.

“It got a little bit wet in Estepona today”, she said.

Flooding in Estepona port
Flooding in Estepona port

“There was that much water a few whales stopped by for a pint.”

She highlighted the importance of the rain for the region.

“We need this water to fill the reservoirs otherwise we’re screwed for next year.”

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