wineA MALAGA wine has been voted one of the best in the world.

Jorge Ordonez’s dry moscatel Botani was chosen by globally-renowned wine critic Robert Parker as one of his top three 2016 wines selling at under $20 a bottle.

Parker said the Velez Malaga tipple, which scored 91 points out of 100, was ‘one of the greatest value wines of the year.’

He added: “All the aroma of a beautiful bunch of flowers makes this medium-bodied wine super fragrant and seductive with a crisp touch. Very elegant.”

The other two chosen in the category were a Chardonnet and a Cabernet Sauvignon, both from Californian bodegas.

The award is the latest triumph for Ordonez, whose seven wineries produce almost 40 wines.

All carry the denominacion de origen label, the quality mark for Spanish wines.


  1. No oak, no tannin, floral and just off-dry, ie, touch of sweet, enough for spicy Indian dishes and hot Thai food. Not so good with coconut milk based dishes. To my taste, a bit too sweet and lacking in minerality for clams and shrimp. Goes superbly with Swiss raclette.

  2. While dry Moscatel is an interesting alternative to the sweet D/O Malaga sweet wines of the same grape, it may be worth mentioning that Robert Parker is actually involved (if not directly related) to this particular wine cellar, Jorge Ordóñez, through business interests in the USA.

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