SAN-PEDRO-BOULEVARD-MARBELLA-TOWN-HALLSAN Pedro de Alcantara is to invest more than €2 million into renovating its town center.

The aim of the works is to semi-pedestrianise the areas between the town and the boulevard, making the latter more accessible.

Planned in Marques del Duero, pavement, street furniture and signage will be renewed, as well as the entire sanitation network, telecommunications infrastructure and natural gas distribution network.

There will also be a new public lighting, irrigation and electricity.

San-Pedro---IglesiaMore importantly, street parking will be eliminated, making the area more pedestrian-friendly once the sidewalks have been widened.

Marques del Duero will also receive a new museum dedicated to the artist Vicente de Espona.

The works have been awarded to company Obras Generales del Norte for €1,090,566, paid for by the Provincial Council.

They will begin in February and are expected to last 10 months.

A further €1,099,297 will be invested into the Avenida de Andalucia and Avenida de la Constitucion, although detailed plans have not yet been released.




  1. Parking is already difficult, where do we park our cars? The underground parking is difficult to access at the best of times, for some cars it is inaccessible because the drive up and down is much too narrow. I know because I have been there and it was a nightmare. Where do people go who have difficulties walking? We may have to find another medical centre – the one we presently use is difficult enough to get to with the present parking situation.

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