china-exportsCHINA is now the second biggest importer of Malaga produce.

Food and drink exports to the country more than doubled in the first 10 months of 2016 compared to the previous year, according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Fresh and frozen fruits, olive oil and meats were the most popular exports, which rose by 113% in value to 81.7m up from 38.3m in 2015.

In tonnes, the rate increased by 103%, to 49,465 from 24,280.

Only France beat it in both categories, with exports to China ahead of those to Portugal and Italy.


      • stepfanjo, I tend to disagree with you slightly on this matter. Basically what you are saying is that trading between Britain and the EU is greatly in favor towards Britain. (the trade gap is well in favor of the EU) I also understand from friends living in Spain that there are large Chinese shops selling all forms of Chinese retail items cheaper that the Spanish stores forcing many Spanish stores to close with Chinese restaurants and takeaways opening up all over the place meaning they must be selling goods and Chinese food etc to Spain.

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