ojen-natureA FORMER game hunting park has been turned into an educational nature reserve.

The Eco Reserva above Ojen is a wildlife oasis where all ages can get up close to deer and other woodland creatures while learning about the environment and sustainability.

Forest schools, 4×4 trips and photography shoots are just some of the activities now taking place on the 82-hectare estate.

The ambitious ‘new concept’ has been made possible by an army of volunteers and ecologists, who undertook a major renovation project in the area off the A-7103 road last year.

“We want it to be a place for everyone to make contact with nature and to learn more about it and what they can do in their own lives to help protect it”, a spokesperson said.

Future aims for the donation-dependent project include more courses and a laboratory to study and conserve different species.

Donations can be made by visiting ecoreservaojen.com.

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