Malaga airport
Malaga airport

PASSENGERS have complained of ‘nightmare’ queues at passport control in Malaga airport.

Beginning on Sunday, flyers have had to form ‘crazy’ long queues just to have their documents checked.

“Passport control is crazy at Malaga today,” one told the Olive Press, “There are queues all the way back to the Burger King.

“Some people have missed their flights!”

It comes after last month’s amendement to the Schengen Border Code, which means border officers must now check the documents of all travellers against several databases including the Schengen Information System, Interpol and registers of wanted persons.

If you’re flying within the Schengen zone you will not be subject to extra checks.

The regulation is a response to ‘the increase of terrorist threats’, according to the European Council.

Europol says an estimated 5,000 EU citizens travelled to conflict zones like Iraq and Syria between 2013 and 2015 before joining terrorist groups like ISIS.

Back in Europe, some then became involved in terrorist attacks.

The Belgian federal police warned that the reinforced security measures could cause delays and advised travelers to prepare and come early to the checkpoints.

The Schengen zone comprises of 26 countries and is part of the EU’s commitment to free movement.

The UK is not part of the zone, which allows travellers to cross borders without standardized checks.

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  1. I flew out of Malaga Monday night. Got there hours early in case of delays. Was not any busier than usual so a day wasted. The only delay was that the EasyJet flight was delayed and got into Glasgow in the middle of the night. Was extremely hot on board and full. I never has such a bad experience with EasyJet. Luckily I had booked a room at a hotel at Glasgow Airport. Shattered today.

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