James and Mary have lived in Spain for almost 40 years
James and Mary have lived in Spain for almost 40 years

A BRITISH expat has blasted the Junta after being forced to wait more than a year for a disabled parking permit for his wife.

James Biryon, 86, applied for the permit for his partner Mary Spalding – who has lived in Andalucia for nearly 40 years – in June last year.

But after ten months of hearing nothing, the Junta rejected their application, forcing them to apply again last month.

“It’s ridiculous and quite frankly a disgrace,” Biryon, originally from London, told the Olive Press.

“I have a thick pile of documents of doctor’s appointments and medical assessments proving my wife needs this permit.

“How can they say fail to get back for 10 months and then just reject us?”

Mary, 84, from Boston, USA, has suffered three strokes, her latest one in January of this year and she finds it difficult to walk long distances.

The pair, together for 16 years, live in Mijas while also having a second home in Fuengirola, where they used to spend weekends to relax.

“The permit is essential,” explains former oil rig constructor Biryon. “Parking here is impossible and is often too far from home for her to walk.

“We can’t go to our Fuengirola home either as we can’t guarantee close enough parking.”

The couple have applied again, but have no idea whether they will be successful.

The Junta were unable to comment.

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  1. So they are 86 and 84 year old. And she has suffered 3 strokes, the last one in january…. and they want a parking permit…
    They are a ticking bomb behind the wheel. They should be banned from driving.
    Go back to the UK please and stop asking for ridiculous things here.

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