MISSING POSTER: For tragic toddler

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl has been found dead on Malaga train tracks after going missing during dinner.

Lucía Vivar Hidalgo went missing on Wednesday evening while playing on a terraza where her parents were having dinner.

Her mother and father were eating in the centre of Pizarra when they lost sight of their daughter, who had been playing nearby.

The alarm was immediately sounded at around 11.20pm, triggering 600 people to frantically search for the toddler.

Police, firefighters and civil protection units and dozens of volunteers, searched all over the town in northwest Malaga, where the family lived.

Felix Lozano, the mayor of Pizarra, said the parents only lost sight of their girl for ‘two minutes’.

The toddler’s body was discovered at 7am this morning alongside a railway track, 7km from the restaurant her parents were eating at.

According to Spanish media, a train driver spotted the body and stopped the train to alert the police.

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  1. It only takes “two minutes” the family has my sympathy but this is a Spanish habit be it a bad one to allow their children in restaurants freedom to run around, play and wander, which seems to be the case, although abduction has not been ruled out to date.

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