SPANISH winemaker Miguel Torres has said wineries must aim to be carbon neutral.

“In 10 to15 years, I think it is perfectly possible we will see wineries which are carbon neutral with zero carbon emissions,” he said.

Climate change poses stark risks for vineyards, which may be exposed to more extreme weather that will see traditional grape varieties struggle.

By 2020, Torres has committed to reducing carbon emissions to  30% below 2008 levels by 2020.

His family business has consistently set aside 11% of its annual profits for environmental projects – €12 million this year.

It now has a biomass boiler in Penedes, cutting 1,300 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Solar and photovoltaic installations have also enabled the Penedes winery to generate 25% of its own electricity needs.

Other eco-efficiency measures include optimising water resources and reducing average bottle weight, insulating vats and transportation.

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