SAVED: Police told the pensioner that she could have been killed had it not been for her curtain

A WOMAN in Malaga has cheated death after her curtain stopped a bullet in a New Year’s Day gun battle.

Paquita, a 79-year-old widow, was watching the musical Grease when a bullet shot through the window of her sixth floor flat on Olletas Street on January 1.

SPRAYED: Police found 50 bullet casings at the scene of two Malaga shootings in 24 hours

Police informed the elderly La Palmilla resident that she was sitting in the direct path the bullet would have taken after she made the emergency call at 5:15pm along with other neighbours.

“One of them told me: ‘Madam, the curtain has stopped the bullet and it has saved your life,'” she told The Sur.

Cops believe two shootings took place in 24 hours, with events thought to have begun in Eume Street before moving to the Plaza de los Verdiales near Paquita’s house.

Over 50 bullet casings from different weapons were found in northern Malaga, with a sub-machine gun suspected to have been used.

BRAZEN: A gunman in Malaga walks the streets of La Palmilla wielding a gun

Before Paquita’s house was hit by the bullet, which travelled 1km, police were responding to another gun fight at around 2:00am.

Paquita also said: “I told my neighbour that it was a shot, and she replied: ‘Paquita, you have seen too many movies’.”

After around six officers initially responded to the incident, investigations led authorities to also discover a hidden cannabis plant at a neighbouring address.

No one is believed to have been injured in the firefights.

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