CUFFED: A fake lawyer in Fuengirola was nabbed by police after she ‘stole €80,000’

A ‘FAKE lawyer’ on the Costa del Sol has been arrested after she is thought to have stolen up to €80,000 from clients.

The allegedly fraudulent legal practitioner in Fuengirola charged a whopping €2000 a minute and even defended clients in court, before being nabbed at the weekend.

EXPERT: Nobody asks you to show your credentials says expert lawyer Antonio Flores

The lawsuits she was involved in were doomed to fail due to her lack of legal expertise, and her clients subsequently saw huge losses.

“When you go to court nobody asks for your credentials,” veteran Marbella lawyer Antonio Flores told the Olive Press.

“So if for example you are a lawyer from Pamplona and need to attend a hearing in Huelva as counsel, you go straight in and that is it. No questions asked.”

Flores, who is a well-known legal expert throughout Spain and the UK, explained that the ‘fake lawyer’ arrested could simply have waltzed in unannounced.

“Having said that,” he added. “These scams are hard to get away with as eventually, someone will notice you have no clue.”

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