ARRESTED: The Los Corazones neighbourhood in Malaga where the mother was held for attempting to throw her daughter out of a window

A MOROCCAN woman, 20, has been arrested in Malaga after she tried to throw her daughter, three, from their 10th floor apartment window.

The incident happened at 2:05am on Sunday in the Los Corazones neighbourhood of the city, near the provincial police station.

The unidentified mother was held on suspicion of attempted murder and assaulting a police officer.

After neighbours heard screaming, police arrived at the flat, where the ‘dishevelled’ mother greeted them, carrying her naked daughter.

As police began interviewing the woman she became agitated and tried to throw the girl out of the window.

The mother also tried to suffocate her daughter, but officers managed to step in to free the girl.

Following her arrest, the woman was transferred to Malaga’s Civil Hospital for tests.

Her daughter is now being looked after by her grandmother.

Police said the house was littered with feces and rubbish, and they found a dog locked in a cage with its own feces.

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