A BRITISH driver has been left furious after his new UK-plated Bentley was towed away by six police officers in Spain because of a slow online database.

The police officers in Benidorm took the car away after they checked a UK Government website and could not find evidence that Dave McQueen had paid UK tax, instead believing the twin-turbo Continental GT ‘was stolen’.

McQueen explained to police that the website states it can take ‘five working days’ to update, and vowed that he bought his car ‘just four days ago’.

“Surely if the police are going to check your car they must use a better system that doesn’t take five days to update,” McQueen told the Olive Press this week.

FUMING: Dave McQueen only had his car for four days when it was towed away by police

He added his twin-turbo supercar ‘did not fit onto’ a tow-truck, and so two police cars and six officers stopped traffic to escort him through Benidorm.

The next day a Link Point Legal solicitor retrieved McQueen’s car ‘without any charges’.

McQueen later found he was driving home on two flat front tyres, which cost €650 to repair and another week without his car.

He said he may have been stopped due to his ‘BE04ORM’ numberplate.

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