Amanda Butler has a certain property ‘fantasma’ set to arrive and she’s rather excited as Spain’s Mallorca heats up

SCORCHING: Mallorca is heating up in both temperature and property sales…

WITH the first of the summer heatwaves hitting us in the last week of June, through to the first week of July and temperatures reaching up to 39°C in Mallorca, we will all be wiping away a glistening brow over the next few weeks it seems.

Equally the Spanish, and particularly the Balearic Government have been getting rather ‘hot under the collar’ over what they claim is ‘fake news’ in the UK press about the increased terror threat, ‘particularly in the Balearics’, requiring a ‘deployment of 40,000 extra police’.

Both the Balearics and the Spanish Foreign Office state that the UK media has misinterpreted reports about the launch of the annual summer operation. They maintain that additional teams of Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil forces are deployed each year, purely in order to cope with the influx of millions of holiday makers in the peak summer months.

So we can all heave a big sigh of relief.

Property Market update

The peak summer months of June and July are well known for not being particularly busy with serious property buyers, with some exceptions of course. 

TOUR: Amanda’s new ‘fantasma’ may need to be be given a tour of the island

They are often replaced with the odd ‘property tourist’ or two, who have decided to include high end property viewings in their holiday itinerary. 

Fortunately I don’t personally get bothered by these in general, since I don’t have a shop front office, but I have had in my time what I call the odd ‘fantasma’ or two.

These are clients who provide some interesting story with very ‘substantial budgets’, but low and behold, no Google search information! Zip!
So why am I mentioning this?

Well one of my ‘fantasmas’ is indicating he will finally be arriving in Mallorca sometime this month, after numerous years of discussions, ill health, business negotiations, and more!

But this time he is looking more and more like he is actually real, having finally provided the name of his lawyer, when asked for ‘proof of funds’ documentation prior to arrival.

POF’s is of course required over a certain level if there is no internet back ground.

I am now informed I will receive it before they arrive.

Potentially very exciting, and will require a tour of some of the most spectacular properties on the island.

This of course remains to be seen, and I am not holding my breath, but then again…

Read my next article in the next addition to find out more…and keep your fingers crossed!

For any questions or if you require assistance with selling or buying a property you can contact Amanda on

Amanda Butler

Amanda has grown up and lived all over the world, but settled in Mallorca more than 15 years ago. Originally from the UK, she is a well known figure on the island, having run successful property business MCJ Associates for many years.

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