HOLY GUACAMOLE: The Hass variety of avocado was taken

A MAN who allegedly stole 1,200 kilos of avocados from a farm has been arrested by police.

The man and two friends are thought to have broken into the farm in Granada through a fence, before trying to load the avocados into a van.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil said: “a young man and two other people are being investigated for stealing Hass avocados in Molvizar between October 29 and November 2.”

The farm’s owner was alerted by a neighbour during the theft, who spotted the youngest of three suspects.

The Guardia Civil say they expect to arrest the two other suspects in the coming days. 

The haul pales compared to the record 16,000 kilos of avocados stolen near Velez-Malaga in 2010.

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