A PAIR of brothers have been arrested for allegedly robbing tourists’ watches on the Costa del Sol.

The terrible twosome, aged 24 and 30, from Morocco, are accused of nabbing high-end wrist jewellery worth a combined €18,000.

They were held in Puerto Banus, Marbella, over ‘various crimes of theft’ as well as for ‘belonging to a criminal group.’

A police statement said the duo ‘took advantage’ of foreign holidaymakers, who on returning home, would be unlikely to press charges.

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LUXURY: Puerto Banus has been the site of several recent robberies of watches from tourists

A Policia Nacional probe was launched following a tip-off from a Puerto Banus bouncer to the Policia Local.

The security guard told police he had witnessed one of the alleged crimes in the luxury expat hotspot.

Investigators described the men’s method as ‘regate de futbol’ or in English – football dribble.

A police spokesperson said that one of the men would ‘simulate’ a football dribble up to one of his victims before robbing him.

They are also said to have used the ‘greeting’ or ‘hugger mugger’ approach, in which a victim is hugged and has their personal belongings pickpocketed.

The brothers are reported to have acted as a team, in which one of them would carry out the crimes and the other would act as a lookout.

Police added that the men were known in other towns for ‘crimes against property’.

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