A DRUNK driver has been arrested after driving into four people in one day in Sevilla.

Policia Local have arrested a 53-year-old male tourist after a breathalyser test showed he was three times over the legal limit when he caused a multiple collision in Ronda del Tamarguillo, Sevilla.

The incident occured when the man collided with two cars that were stopped at traffic lights, injuring a one-month-old baby and two adults.

This came after the man hit a 92-year-old woman causing serious injuries around three kilometres away.

The first incident occurred about 1:25pm on Tuesday when the elderly woman was crossing the road on Calle Sinai while the driver was reversing.

As a result, the woman suffered serious injuries with a possible hip fracture and had to undergo surgery.

Apparently, the tourist got his documents out at the scene and a witness managed to take a photo of the information, but subsequently left without helping the injured woman after the witness called the police. 

The witness told police that the driver, ‘who was quite drunk, picked up the documents and left the place’.

When investigating the first incident, police were able to phone the driver thanks to the information that the witness photographed, however, the driver told police that he could not assist them because he had just had another accident.

The unharmed driver admitted to having drunk several beers when he was arrested after far exceeding the breathalyser test.

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