RYANAIR will be reducing flights to Spain as the country embarks on a 15-day coronavirus lockdown.

The Dublin-based carrier made the announcement online saying that flights will be reduced from March 16-19.

All affected travellers will be notified by email.


More to follow…


  1. Serious implications for countries & Global recession likely due to Coronavirus, large numbers of deaths, businesses will go bust & tourism hit hard. Meanwhile none of the media seem interested in a full scale enquiry as to why most Flu and similar epidemics originate in China, often annually. There seems unquestionable evidence that the disgusting Chinese/Asian ‘Wet Markets’ are responsible where all animals & anything that moves are crammed in cages next to each other and slaughtered on the streets for their customers’ penchant for weird foods and herbal remedies. Includes cages with dogs, poultry, bats, birds, monkeys, snakes, crickets, tiger parts, pangolins and their scales, plus rhino horns, elephant tusks, you name it, it’s there, with disease and infection skipping from one species to another and on to humans. Yet they revere their own Pandas which are off the menu! The Chinese have a lot to answer for! Maybe explains the phrase ‘Beware The Yellow Peril’ coined in 1897.

    Location : T Wells

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